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Back on Blog

2009 to 2016 - about 6 years of being away from blogging I decided to revive my blog. The big question I hope to answer is Why? Why after all those years did I choose to revive my blog. The answer is simple. Something happened on the way - a thing called Facebook Facebook ! I can see the incredulous look on your face. How can Facebook be the reason for getting back on blog? I don't know if you remember or not - in the earlier days, the wall of your Facebook page used to be pretty neat and clean. You would get information about your family and friends and people who matter. It was fun and the addiction went way way deep. Then suddenly - as your friends list grew - you saw your wall changing shape. Someone climbed down a tree - it is a Facebook post. Someone ate a chewing gum - it is Facebook post. And suddenly your entire wall was awash with Tom, Dick's or Harry's post except your own. Add to it the growth of smart-phones and you had the perfect recipe for a big load of