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Death of a Software Company

It is with sadness that I write this blog about the demise of a small software company. In 2003, I had purchased a small software "Just the Fax" from a small company RKS Software . I was impressed with the software as it made the process of sending a fax from a computer. In fact, so impressed was I, that I decided to spend $ 19.95 to register the software. The software was made for windows 98 platform but over the years I found it to work flawlessly on Windows Me and Windows XP. And to tell the truth, that small piece of software has saved my bacon innumerable number of times over the years. Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to visit RKS Software but to my dismay I found that the company has closed down it's shutters in December 2008 and hived of it's products to various other companies. I felt really sad seeing the notice of closure. RKS Software was a good company making a slew of really useful products. As far as I am concerned, I will continue to use the softwa