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BSNL Blunders: My Story

Well after a long time i am posting again. This time i am going to write about the blunder of BSNL in Jharkhand. To cut the long story short - I applied for a BSNL landline phone on 12th of October 2006. The person at the main office told me that it should take about a week for the phone to get installed. I was a bit surprised, because in Calcutta the BSNL phone takes about a week to be installed. But i was not unduly worried about the wait. The days turned into weeks, the weeks into months and finally november came. And with it came the chill of Jharkhand - but no BSNL linesman. So picking up courage, i called upon the regional office which was in charge of installing my phone. The first day i was curtly told that the Officer-in-Charge is on leave and he will come back in a weeks time. So after a week, I again entered the lions den. The lion, i mean the officer in charge was now back in office but was not present in the office. On being asked i was told that the OC has gone on some i