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A Visit to a Railway Station

Perhaps, is our respected railway minister, Laloo Prasad Yadav, has his say then the day will not be far off that only passengers would be allowed in the railway station. Not only that, for security check, you will have to report at least 3 hours earlier if you are travelling in Sleeper Class, 3-AC and 2-AC could report for boarding upto 1 hour before the departure and 1-AC could avail the tele check in facility. However, the people in the general class - the vast majority of the Indian's whom Gandhiji wished to uplift - will have to report at least 3 days before the departure. Sarcasm aside, I wonder what is wrong with this country? Sincerely i have no clue. Or perhaps i have but i dont like to acknowledge it. In its entire history, Indian's have been the weakest at intelligence gathering. The attack on the Railway system in Mumbai on 7/11 was nothing but an all out intellegence failure. All countries have their intellegence failure - but India seems to specialise in it. &quo

Change in Life

Where to begin? I am aware that i have not written from about 29th of May and this is a long long two months gap. Things change and the more they change the more they remain constant. Let me put up this small update - from August 1st 2006, I shall be joining Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS) Ranchi as Reader in their Department of Marketing. Leaving IISWBM is certainly painful. More so because out of the last 10 years of my life i have spent 7 years at IISWBM - 2 as a student; 1 as a Research Associate and 4 as Lecturer. So for a place that was almost like a second home the decision to join XISS was sudden and a bit too painful. Inertia - thy force of standing still - almost pulled me back. But then i finally decided to cut my chains. Simple - until you learn to seperate you dont grow. Given the current state of affairs at IISWBM, I was pleasantly surprised to recieve a fare-well on the 24th of July 2006. It was hosted by the MBA Department and they presented me with a wonder