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Durga Puja

Another Durga Puja finished on the 2nd of October. Every year, I cannot help, but marvel at the time, money and energy that is expended in making the function a success. Most of the times I think that the whole thing is a complete waste. Consider for example. In the city of Calcutta itself around 2800 Durga Pujas (CESC Estimate) are held. Each Puja Comittee spends a tidy sum every year. For the sake of ease of calculation, if we assume that every comittee has a budget of Rs. 10000/- only, then the total expense on Durga Puja - just on conducting the Puja - comes to a staggering Rs. 28,000,000 or simply put Rs. 28 million. This is an extremely conservative estimate as because most pujas have budgets that run into a few hundred thousand of rupees. This also does not include the expenses incurred by a family on Puja shopping. Just imagine, if Rs. 28 million was spent on some project or some socially beneficial work. Calcutta could in my opinion become the best city of the world. Perhaps