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Free Download Manager & F-Secure

Another day and the internet never ceases to surprise me. Just downloaded a wonderful download manager named "Free Download Manager". Have tried Get-Right and Flash-Get, but I was never too happy with them. FDM seems to fit the bill perfectly. Try it if you have not done so far. Here is the link: < Another software review and this one is a rant. Just downloaded and purchased the F-secure Anti-Virus software. What a pain. The file-size is a whopping 82 MB and it politely says that it requires 1GB RAM to function well. My laptop has simply chocked up. What a size bloater. On top of that, it checks for internet update every hour when you are connected to the Internet. Could it not check just once a day? Finally, I wish they had put the size and the system requirement (in detail) on the website and not when you are on the verge of installing the downloaded software. IT industry please pay heed. You may be playing with the latest hardware but majority of the junta does no