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Huh! Windows 98 as Macintosh!!!

I have heard stories that people who get selected into Microsoft have to go through 6 or 7 levels of interviews; and that the final interview most of the time's is taken by one of the top honcho's. I was never quite lucky to work in Microsoft but if the practise is true then they should stop wasting their time and money. I mean how stupid can you get. Take a look at the picture below: Enlarge it if you so wish. I got the webpage when I was trying to update an old system which has Windows 98 installed on it from Internet Explorer 6.0 I was completely floored. ROTFLOL would be a better word. Look at the second line it says: "This website is designed to work with Microsoft Windows Operating System only ". I am completely lost. AFAIK and remember, MS Windows 98 is a Microsoft Windows Operating System. Right or wrong? Can anyone explain? I know you have stopped support for MS Windows 98 - but the stupid error page is the pits. I mean, ........ I guess you know what I m

Using Abyss Personal Web Server for Classroom

L et me first explain the background. I am working as Reader at Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi. Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand - a state in country of India. At XISS, I teach marketing and research related subjects in three different departments - Information Management (IM), Marketing Management (MM) and Financial Management (FM). Each department has different requirement of teaching and from time to time i need to give my students handout and notes. XISS is served with a 2 GB data pipe taken from the Internet Service Provider - BSNL. The 2 GB data pipe feeds into a single server from where it is distributed to the faculty and students using Wireless Area Network. Now, in the city of Ranchi, the ISP services are more down than up, and as such using the internet for distributing the notes and softwares via the internet was a major pain. I tried uploading the notes to various file sharing sites - but the result was the same. With the ISP being down most of the times the