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West Syndrome : An Appeal

It has been ages since I have blogged on the web. Well life has it's own ways of interrupting your plans. It all began in April this year when my daughter started having some kind of spasms 3-4 times a day. It was not until we took her to Calcutta were the spasm correctly diagnosed. Anulika has been diagnosed with " West Syndrome " - which is a rare form of Infantile Epilepsy. In fact, since the day she has been diagnosed with west syndrome our life has turned topsy-tury. It is so rare that according to some sources that the prevalence is about 1:100000. Anyways now that the diagnosis has been done, she is under treatment. Thanks to the grace of God she has not been having any spasm since 2nd of July. We hope and pray that she gets well soon. Given the rareness of the disease, there is significant lack of information about the same in Indian households and doctors. I would like to appeal to all of you to send me information about the syndrome. Please don't send inf