Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finally - Convocation

Finally the big day arrived. Calcutta University decided to hold convocation for the Doctoral Degree Holders. I arrived post haste to Kolkata to be present at the convocation. But what a big letdown!!!

You must think that the convocation ceremony of the Oldest University in India would be gloriously managed solemn affair. Not So. In fact I have had seen better convocations in private collages. No Academic Gown, No Photographer, No laminated / or bound degree holder. 341 of the degree recipients were called on stage one by one and handed over the degree in the same manner as a pamphlet is handed over by the street level evangelist. And to top it all, the attitude was as if university was doing us a favor by inviting us to the convocation

I could not hide my disappointment as after 5 years of hard work, this was the day that would have been the culmination of all my academic efforts. But Alas, as usual, Calcutta University left a scar! A scar for a lifetime.

Oh well, that is Calcutta University for you. How I wish it would wisen up, shed the old dowager image become a world class institution. Sometimes, just sometime, dreams do come true... perhaps in my lifetime, they will... let us see

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