Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Properties of the number 4217

Let me begin with a small background. I purchased a new car - Zen Estilo made by Maruti Suzuki - sometime last month and was waiting for the number plate to arrive. The car dealer tried to sell me some of the interesting number's (for which he would get a premium) but I preferred to wait for luck to take charge. And, believe it or not, luck certainly seemed to favour me in this context.

When the number plate arrived, I came to know that I have been allocated the number JH-01T-4217. I felt a bit disappointed but later on as I was researching the number, I realised that I have been incredibly fortunate. Let me explain:

  • 4217, when the digits are added up is the single number 5. This is also my own number as per numerology
  • 4217, is a proven prime number
  • 4217, is one of the prime number whose sum of the digits is also a prime number
  • 4217, is one of the few prime number which yields another prime number if you add the product of the numbers (4 x 2 x 1 x 7 = 56) to itself. So 4217 + 56 = 4273 which is another prime number
  • 4217, occurs in the ratio 11463/4217; which is considered to be the smallest fraction closest to "e"
  • 4217, can be expressed as the sum of square of two numbers 642 and 112
So, is it not a wonderful number? Sometimes, it plays to let luck take a hand in the matter. Till next time... ciao

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  1. I never knew that your car number is so unique