Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Huh! Windows 98 as Macintosh!!!

I have heard stories that people who get selected into Microsoft have to go through 6 or 7 levels of interviews; and that the final interview most of the time's is taken by one of the top honcho's. I was never quite lucky to work in Microsoft but if the practise is true then they should stop wasting their time and money. I mean how stupid can you get. Take a look at the picture below:

Enlarge it if you so wish. I got the webpage when I was trying to update an old system which has Windows 98 installed on it from Internet Explorer 6.0 I was completely floored. ROTFLOL would be a better word. Look at the second line it says: "This website is designed to work with Microsoft Windows Operating System only".

I am completely lost. AFAIK and remember, MS Windows 98 is a Microsoft Windows Operating System. Right or wrong? Can anyone explain? I know you have stopped support for MS Windows 98 - but the stupid error page is the pits. I mean, ........ I guess you know what I mean.

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