Monday, May 29, 2006

Reservations about Hunger Strike

Well... all that talk about Spanish Paella has made me extremely hungry. Some of you must be thinking that when the students of premier institutes are on hunger strike how can i think about food? Well to tell you the truth - Because i dont belive that the "Hunger Strike" is going to make an iota of difference to any political party. A few doctors may die... Arjun Singh will blame the foreign hand for creating mischief and our Dr. Manmohan Singh - in his bid to "Moh the Man" of every political party will keep silent. Forget Mrs. Sonia Gandhi - anything and everything she says will be depicted as the demented plot of the Italians to take over India on the eve of the football world cup. Even the BJP - the so called upper caste party - is no good in this situation. Simply because it is completely clueless about the political situation of the country.

In such a situation, does it make sense to stay hungry? You decide! How long can we keep our students hungry? And all said and done, Hunger is not the platform which keeps revolution going. For us to succeed in this struggle we will require long term vision and planning. As long as the constitution guarentees that reservations can be done; we shall have the sword of reservations hanging on our head. Perhaps it is time to change the constitution... A political party dedicated to clean up the rubbish Indian politician produce?... Do you have any better idea!!!

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